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Friday, May 23, 2014

#BN4TlkIntan: No backdoor ... UNDI Mah !!

As President of gerakan, Dato Mah Siew Keong is strongly believed to be appointed Minister upon his victory at the Telok Intan parliamentary by-election.

Most of the Telok Intan Chinese are excited with that prospect. It had turned DAP campaigner led by Lim Kit Siang itself restless as they started to focus on Chinese voters.

The continuous presence of Lim Kit Siang was to serve the message that Dyana SOfya is a DAP candidate and to down play her youth and Malaysness. The local Chinese community is uncomfortable with DAP's experiement to field a young Malay candidate in Telok Intan.  

More so, they are up against local, experienced and proven Dato Mah against an inexperianced and outsider Dyana. Dato Mah could serve to speed up problems resolution and bringing in development budget in the area.  

Despite losing twice due to the 2008 tsunami dan 2012 chinese tsunami, the ground seems to change. Kit Siang could feel that his Malay puppet doll strategy could backfire.

There have been much dissatisfaction with DAP in Telok Intan. Dato Mah reputation as an incorruptible leader remain intact to face this gimmick from an UMNO activist daughter.

There is suspicion that the mother could likely be playing a dangerous political game to jump boat later or negotiate a deal.

In the latest ploy, Kit Siang and DAP campaigners are telling voters that Dato Mah will still be appointed as Minister through the backdoor through Senator sponsorship. 

Dato Mah has clearly stated that he will not take any Minister position thrugh a Senatorial appointment. He emphased that Dato Mah will not accept senatorship

If they want a Minister to represent them, the choice for Telok Intan voters is only to vote him.

Otherwise, they can follow DAP which treated the by election as a beauty contest and young MP which will just panic and perhaps cry under panic whenever they face a wall, unable to address the peoples' need.

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